Mobile loT,We Are Professional。

Mobile loT。

We Are Professional。

Mobile loT, We Are Professional !

The top satellite fleet management platform with 17 years of experience in the vehicle information and communication technology, currently serving more than 20,000 commercial vehicles. eLocation is always your best solution for managing your fleet of vehicles.

Create a transparent cargo tracking on the one-stop outsourcing intelligent cloud. Open up all important bottlenecks in your TMS. It is the best helper for the logistics industry.

The Information and communication technology enhances driving safety. In addition to the GPS positioning, traffic status and vehicle maintenance information will provide the smart IoV services based on cloud technology.

Brand Story

In 2000, the US government opened up the GPS access for civilian applications. RITI Technology Inc. became the first company in Taiwan to provide commercial, web-based, fleet management services for organizations to manage their fleets of vehicles.

This service, under the trade name KanCheDa (eLocation), integrates GPS, GIS, software engineering and wireless communication (GPRS and later WCDMA, LTE) technologies is now managing 2,000 clients with more than 20,000 vehicles. Over the last 17 years, we have continuously improved our hardware and software to reduce the maintenance cost to maintain our competitive edge. Over the past years, wth its immense field experiences eLocation has integrated related domain technologies to go beyond the vehicle management to the person, warehouse, stores and common goods. In fact, in 2012 RITI Technology Inc. had introduced the "Mobile Resources Management Expert" service concept. Now we have the new missions and have a new official name "". is not only the new generation of eLocation, but also the new vision and future of RITI Technology Inc. who is dedicated and firmly committed to the GIS service field. Pro stands for the professional, expertise and the supportive strength. Pro has the expert level of insight to apply the IoT technology for the faster, better and cost-effective service. No matter what you need from eLocation™ for fleet management, TMS+™ for the logistics or the Road ™ for IoV service, is more capable, more comprehensive and meets the customer expectations more perfectly than ever. In short, we are just call it the Pro!